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Easeday Migraine Relief

How Cuttlesoft helped a digital therapeutics platform ease headaches for their customers – and themselves with the first app clinically proven to reduce headache frequency

The Challenge

Deliver migraine therapy and relief via a custom mobile application.

What we did

We partnered with BioTrak Therapeutics to develop a mobile behavioral health solution for the 2.4 billion people worldwide who suffer from frequently recurring tension-type headaches and migraines.


  • Cross-platform mobile application

Mobile Application Development




Helping migraine sufferers understand their headaches and alleviate pain

BioTrak Therapeutics had a very painful problem.

As a company that develops scalable behavioral approaches to stress-related medical conditions, they wanted to develop some way to help migraine sufferers reduce the frequency and debilitating effects of their headaches.

It was a tall order.

Affecting 1 in 7 people, devastatingly painful migraine headaches are the #1 cause of absenteeism in the United States.  And although treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy and biofeedback have been shown to reduce headaches by up to 60%, migraine sufferers didn’t use them.


Doctors weren’t always available.

Going to a clinic every week wasn’t convenient. Plus, there is the stigma people feel about visiting a psychologist’s office.

But despite these obstacles, BioTrak’s founder and Chief Medical Officer, Pete Lillydahl, MD, was determined to solve the problem. There had to be a way to help migraine sufferers better understand their headaches and alleviate pain through proven therapies. 

And BioTrak Therapeutics had an idea of what that could be.

They envisioned a first-ever mobile app that delivered clinically validated therapy for migraine sufferers via their smartphones.  One that would let people input data about how they were feeling -- and then provide helpful information on how to mitigate an oncoming headache and reduce headaches in the future. 

But although BioTrak Therapeutics had come up with a great idea, they needed someone to help bring it to life.  But who?

Big-name software development companies were out.  They wanted a small, agile development firm.  One who was responsive and knew the medical field. Finally, they found the perfect fit in Cuttlesoft.

Once onboard, the Cuttlesoft team fully immersed themselves in the problems of creating BioTrak’s dream app – and then got down to business.

We worked closely with BioTrak and UX/UI design firm, Guiceworks to develop Version 1 of what would become known as the Ease app which was nothing short of amazing.

Ease was an app that did everything BioTrak envisioned  -- and more.

It provided a wide range of features including migraine information, a headache tracking diary, biofeedback relaxation training, an information-gathering UX, a relief-decision tree, and visual analytics. 

Then Cuttlesoft went the extra mile and custom-built the way people interact with the audio player, navigate between tracks, and queue up different items to make the experience more intuitive. 

Finally, Ease was ready to change the world of headache pain management.


BioTrak did a soft launch of Ease. In small-scale clinical studies, they have replicated the same 60 percent reduction in headache activity that’s been proven in a clinician’s office. This is encouraging news for both BioTrak and the millions of migraine sufferers who may find real relief using the Ease app.  


Learning Sessions

To better understand triggers and causes, and find relief.



By iOS users managing their migraines and finding relief with Easeday.