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Enterprise Fleet Management

Cuttlesoft developed an enterprise mobile application that optimized Coraluzzo’s operations, safety, and revenue.

The Challenge

Support the digital transformation of a 60-year-old company that easily tracks miles driven and gallons delivered in the hundreds of millions.

What we did

We worked with Coraluzzo leadership and veteran drivers to develop a private, enterprise Android application that digitized their outdated paper-based processes and integrated that with real-time route monitoring, guidance, and digital safety features.


  • Interface and Experience design
  • Custom built Android application

Mobile Application Development



Managing a fleet of 800 trucks on the road

Any enterprise software system has to satisfy the needs of at least two key stakeholders: the administrators who use the information gathered into the system, and the front end users who initiate that data flow from the field.

For the first group, the data has to be usable, coherent, and comprehensive. At the front end, the application has to be both intuitive enough to use that users can perform their actual jobs without fighting against an awkward interface. Because seriously: If a truck driver is hauling tons of flammable fuel, you really want them to pay attention to the task at hand.

Too often, application developers are content to gather their specifications in a conference room, far removed from the concerns of the worker in the field. But Cuttlesoft takes it a step deeper. This is a team that listens and learns from every category of stakeholder across the length of the communications chain.

For the Tanker Truck Management System (TTMS) — a customized solution for Samuel Coraluzzo Co., Inc. and Torrissi Transport — this meant putting Cuttlesoft’s Co-Founder Frank Valcarcel in the cab of a truck. Not in the driver’s seat (thankfully!), but riding alongside a driver with 20 years and more than a million miles of experience.

It was this direct exposure to the nuts and bolts of a fuel driver’s daily routine that gave the Cuttlesoft team the insight they needed to tailor a solution that met Coraluzzo’s core business requirements while freeing the driver to focus on safety and timely service.

Cuttlesoft created a streamlined user experience that gives drivers all the tools they need to stay on track and on time. At Coraluzzo’s request, we included detailed instructions for the easiest access to fill and drop locations: the quickest and safest route in and out of every facility to reduce tight corners and time-wasting back-out maneuvers.

Even better: The TTMS solution automates the paperwork, all but eliminating the need for drivers to keep track of loose documents. Statutory compliance has never been easier.

More importantly, TTMS supports the driver’s core objectives of safety and timely and accurate delivery. By incorporating easily understood visual cues, single-tap response mechanisms, and voice controls, the TTMS user interface is minimally intrusive upon a driver’s critical need to focus on the task at hand.

Further, integrated safeguards like geo-fencing – assuring the driver is in the right place for the assigned job – and automated stick calculations to monitor tank fill levels help the driver maintain accuracy and efficiency without resorting to cumbersome maps and calculation manuals.


With the accurate and instant transmission of data from the driver to the back-office and automated document storage to streamline driver compliance and back-office tracking and invoicing, the Cuttlesoft team has imagined and delivered a tool that helps the far-flung Coraluzzo operation run like a fine Swiss watch.