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Cuttlesoft delivers a refreshingly human touch to software development, empowering organizations with the personalized support and technical expertise they need to multiply engineering power, improve workflows, and scale their brand and business.

Masters of Adaptability

When we founded Cuttlesoft, our muse was the cuttlefish — a creature so wildly intelligent that it would take our jobs if it could crawl out of the ocean and use a computer. 

As the company evolved, our namesake came to represent so much more. Cuttlefish are the masters of adaptability — a skill that is both elegant and necessary to thrive. As developers, we must also adapt to diverse client teams and sizes, myriad industries, and end-users. We must be agile and responsive to create software that is both infallible and flexible. Practical and imaginative. Automated and human. 

Our clients succeed when we align our experience to their needs, and this requires more than just an alphabet soup of coding skills. It requires creativity, compassion, and curiosity to serve the people that inspire the software. 

This is what makes Cuttlesoft different. Here, humanity is our code. Empathy is our interface. Like our namesake, Cuttlesoft rapidly integrates with any environment, turning complex needs into effortless software that delivers and delights.

What we're about

Core Values

At Cuttlesoft, we believe better work is a result of treating people better — that the workplace can and should be a place of joy, respect, and support. It’s ingrained in our core values, guiding how we work in the business, on the business, and with each other.

Engage With Empathy

Our perspectives may be different, but empathy is a shared value. With every teammate and client, we don’t just hear, we listen; we don’t just answer, we respond, enabling us to build people-first relationships, service, and software.

Learn to Fish

We’re a tenacious bunch. Unknowns ignite curiosity and inspire us to push beyond our comfort zone. We aren’t afraid of the vulnerability in saying “I don’t know” — because eventually, we will.

Put Knowledge Into Practice

In our profession, we understand that our skills are fine-tuned but never finalized. Solving our clients’ biggest problems requires us to stay both educated and creative, drawing on what we know to breathe life into what we can imagine.

Be Excellent to Each Other

You can’t go wrong by treating people right. Whether it's our teammates, clients, or the greater engineering ecosystem, we want the people around us to feel valued so that, in turn, we positively impact the future of technology and the people who use it.

Do What’s Right, Not What’s Easy

This one’s simple. Do the right thing, even when it’s hard. Set aside your ego and treat people how you want to be treated. If you mess up, own up to it.

Our Team


Co-founder, Director of Engineering

Emily Morehouse

Emily strikes the right balance of expertise and empathy. Coming from a dance and theater background, she brings an appreciation for the creativity within programming, the beauty and elegance of a well-designed program, and the art of finding a solution that requires new perspectives. Emily plays an active role in the developer community as one of the few female Python core developers, allowing her to bridge her love for programming languages and design.

Co-founder, Director of Operations

Frank Valcarcel

Frank learned at a young age about the importance of building trust to scale businesses. As a result, he’s helped build Cuttlesoft on the principle of investing in good people. He finds his experience working in the skilled trades mirrors his work as a software engineer, building from the ground up to deliver a finished product. This instilled a desire to build, the importance of craft, quality of work, and using hospitality to deliver an amazing customer experience.


Katie Linero


Marisa Gomez

Product Management

Andrea Benefiel

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