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What's in a name?

Cuttlesoft's name comes from combining the words Cuttlefish and Software. Cuttlefish are among the ocean's most intelligent creatures. We find them fascinating and consider humankind lucky that these little guys haven't learned to fly yet. Trust us!

Beyond the Cuttlefish's frightening intelligence, they're also masters of camouflage — and thus the perfect mascot for an Agile software consultancy.

We believe that the right environment is everything. We strive to create an atmosphere of collaboration, creativity, and excellence where everyone is doing their best work.

What we're about

Core Values

Engage With Empathy

Our perspectives may be different, but empathy is a shared value. With every teammate and client, we don’t just hear, we listen; we don’t just answer, we respond, enabling us to build people-first relationships, service, and software.

Learn to Fish

We’re a tenacious bunch. Unknowns ignite curiosity and inspire us to push beyond our comfort zone. We aren’t afraid of the vulnerability in saying “I don’t know” — because eventually, we will.

Put Knowledge Into Practice

In our profession, we understand that our skills are fine-tuned but never finalized. Solving our clients’ biggest problems requires us to stay both educated and creative, drawing on what we know to breathe life into what we can imagine.

Be Excellent to Each Other

You can’t go wrong by treating people right. Whether it's our teammates, clients, or the greater engineering ecosystem, we want the people around us to feel valued so that, in turn, we positively impact the future of technology and the people who use it.

Do What’s Right, Not What’s Easy

This one’s simple. Do the right thing, even when it’s hard. Set aside your ego and treat people how you want to be treated. If you mess up, own up to it.

Your Team

Meet the Crew

Co-founder, Director of Engineering

Emily Morehouse

Emily is the Director of Engineering at Cuttlesoft. Her passion is driven by a blend of empathy, strategy, curiosity, and human-centered design. She's a Python Core Developer, avid OSS contributor, and constant learner focused on building tools to automate the mundane and shed light on the complexity of the human experience. Emily holds degrees in Computer Science, Criminology, and Theatre from Florida State University.

Co-founder, Director of Operations

Frank Valcarcel

Frank is a serial entrepreneur, software engineer, and startup enthusiast. As a naturally curious person with streaks of creativity, he found his calling in software consulting. Frank's rewarded with variety for guiding clients through user-centric approaches and development strategies that encourage empathy to do it right, and courage to do it well.


Katie Linero


Marisa Gomez

Project Management

Sara Pate

Product Management

Andrea Benefiel

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