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Ucompass and Cuttlesoft partnered to create a highly localized and data-driven platform that meets the needs of education, public health & safety, agriculture, and more.

The Challenge

Connect real-time data from the largest network of IoT weather devices to power a next-gen weather application that brings hyperlocal weather data, insights, and forecasts to users.

What we did

Working with WeatherSTEM's founder and CEO, we built a mobile application that capitalized on WeatherSTEM's benefits of real-time, hyperlocal weather data and forecasting. Our team made sure the WeatherSTEM mobile application was the most unique and feature-rich weather app available.


  • Cross-platform mobile application
  • Serverless APIs to integrate weather data from the National Hurricane Center
  • Weather events triggered push notifications (a first for any weather app)

Mobile Application Development




Real-time data from over 2000 weather stations in the palm of your hand

As Ucompass prepared to unveil their new WeatherSTEM project at the Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC), they realized they needed a team of reliable developers who could quickly design and build a supporting mobile application that was elegant, easy to use, and most importantly, completely reliable upon initial release.

And as a successful education company that has reached around 2 million students since 1998 at over 200 institutions nationwide, they could pick any development team in the world.

WeatherSTEM SkyCamera

They chose Cuttlesoft.

A small firm with oversized talent and dedication, Cuttlesoft was the perfect match for Weather STEM’s visionary integration of weather station instruments, collected and distributed atmospheric and garden data, and STEM-based curriculum for grades K-12. So in late November, 2014, Ucompass asked Cuttlesoft to create a brand new WeatherSTEM mobile app in less than two months.

Impossible, right? Not for Cuttlesoft.

From initial meetings to concept and design to completion – with the application approved and available for both iOS and Android – Cuttlesoft’s team of designers and developers accepted the challenge at a full sprint and delivered above expectations with plenty of time to spare.

The Cuttlesoft team went well above and beyond the call of duty to understand our vision for the application, collaborate with our designers and developers, and skillfully built the application. They delivered a quality app on time and on budget. We look forward to continued collaborations with them.

- Edward Mansouri on the FETC debut.

And the collaboration continues as Cuttlesoft provides ongoing development for the WeatherSTEM mobile application while the network of weather stations rapidly expands. WeatherSTEM users are now able to take advantage of the growing sensor network with the new notifications system that taps directly into WeatherSTEM’s Safety and Sensor Alert Platform

They get the job done, have a lot of confidence, and are not afraid of deadlines.

They get the job done, have a lot of confidence, and are not afraid of deadlines.
Edward Mansouri
Founder and CEO


This network of weather sensors is being touted by some as one of the most expansive weather-related Internet-of-Things (IoT) networks available. The level of sophistication required to bring this expansive network to WeatherSTEM users has even drawn the attention of the platform WeatherSTEM mobile was written on.

Today the WeatherSTEM mobile application is delivering over 500 customized notifications to its users. As the number of stations and sensors grows, the application will connect even more users with the localized real-time weather data its network is known for.



Installed across the US at locations like schools, stadiums, airports, and more.


Active Users

Currently enjoying the unique capabilities of WeatherSTEM and real-time, hyperlocal weather data insights.

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