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The New Cuttlesoft

Why would a little software company invest so much into branding?

Branding is our tool for making the best first impression. Emily and I have come a long way to understanding that a brand is a lot more than a logo, what fonts you use, or a color palette.

Brand is how the world sees and interacts with Cuttlesoft.

So a brand might have a logo… but it also captures the spirit of our company.

🔎 Our Brand's Potential

To reimagine Cuttlesoft's brand, we partnered with the experts at Focus Lab. With their guidance, we identified the ways Cuttlesoft was failing to meet its full potential.

For starters, our old brand was inconsistent and open to interpretation and perception. This made building awareness and recognition hard and gave the appearance of organizational immaturity.

Second, the old Cuttlesoft was mispositioned. We've done an excellent job curating ideal partnerships, but the brand didn’t drive that…. our relationship-based approach did.

Maybe worst of all, it was stagnant. The brand was falling behind our internal evolution. An ideal brand identity should drive a business's public image. Not hold it back.

Ok, so if this is what we thought about Cuttlesoft. What did others think?

More importantly, what did we want them to think?

✨ Describing Cuttlesoft

We settled on 3 words: best-in-classimaginative, and wise.

We felt the spirit of Cuttlesoft was best-in-class because of how much we’ve done to differentiate ourselves.

For a long time now, we've understood that Cuttlesoft is a service business first, and a technology business second. That our partners don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.

Being best-In-class is more than technical proficiency. It’s the culture, attitude, and humanity that go along with it.

Next was imaginative - we chose this word because we know Cuttlesoft still has a spark.

And finally, wise, because it says that we’re intelligent but experienced. Savvy, but thoughtful. Curious, but analytical.

It says we have the brain power, and we know how to apply it.

✒️ Crafting Our Story

When we founded Cuttlesoft, our muse was the cuttlefish — a creature so wildly intelligent that it would take our jobs if it could crawl out of the ocean and use a computer. 

As the company evolved, our namesake came to represent so much more. Cuttlefish are the masters of adaptability — a skill that is both elegant and necessary to thrive. As developers, we must also adapt to diverse client teams and sizes, myriad industries, and end-users. We must be agile and responsive to create software that is both infallible and flexible. Practical and imaginative. Automated and human.

Our clients succeed when we align our experience to their needs, and this requires more than just an alphabet soup of coding skills. It requires creativity, compassion, and curiosity to serve the people that inspire the software. 

This is what makes Cuttlesoft different. Here, humanity is our code. Empathy is our interface. Like our namesake, Cuttlesoft rapidly integrates with any environment, turning complex needs into effortless software that delivers and delights.

This experience-driven approach empowers organizations for long-term growth because Cuttlesoft believes better work is a result of treating people better.