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Cuttlesoft is a Top Women-Owned Business in Colorado

Cuttlesoft has been certified by Clutch as one of the Top Women-Owned Businesses in Colorado and the United States — Praising our Work in Custom Software and Mobile App Development.

Here at Cuttlesoft, we’re proud to be women-owned. According to the United States Census Bureau’s 2020 Annual Business Survey, women-owned businesses are an essential part of the United States economy! There are over 1.1 million women-owned businesses in the United States! We’re incredibly grateful to be a part of the women-owned business community that is fiercely competitive and driving excellent work — so we’re honored Clutch recognizes Cuttlesoft as one of the leading women-owned development companies in Colorado and the United States and in the field of custom software and mobile app development!

“Throughout various industries, women-owned companies provide a unique and important perspective that’s often overlooked, ” stated Clutch Revenue Operations Analyst Carolyn Rider. “We want to highlight these companies for everything that they bring to the table, from their thoughtfulness to their detail-oriented mindsets.”

Throughout various industries, women-owned companies provide a unique and important perspective that’s often overlooked.

Carolyn Rider, Clutch Revenue Operations Analyst

Clutch is the world’s leading B2B ratings and A verified reviews platform. Located in the heart of the District of Columbia, Clutch has a team of dedicated analysts who conducts reviews with clients from around the world. Then, their editorial team independently verifies the content and curates it into a case study format, ensuring that you receive all the information you need as you purchase B2B services! Clutch is the gold standard for B2B ratings and reviews, and we’re honored to maintain a stellar review average on the platform and on their sister site, The Manifest, which includes lists of top companies such as ourselves!

In a recent review, the co-founder of Hunt a Killer, Brian Thomas, praised our web development and design work for his murder mystery subscription service! They hired our team at Cuttlesoft to develop a custom e-commerce platform, migrating their customers off of their older Shopify site.

They were awesome to work with. I’ve worked with half a dozen other development shops as a client and even ran some myself. Cuttlesoft’s level of communication set them apart for me. Nowadays, anyone can build a website, but excellent communication is key.

Brian Thomas, Co Founder of Hunt a Killer

We’re incredibly grateful to all of our satisfied clients! To join their ranks, please contact us today!

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